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Live Review: Menomena at the Casbah, September 17, 2010

Menomena‘s sound is that of a mind wrestling with its demons. Their songs careen between cacophony and quietude like an agitated stream of consciousness. The music swells and darkens but, just when it seems as if the demons will win, the band reins in the discord, and serenity is — at least for the moment — restored. Menomena’s mastery of chaos is one of their greatest strengths but, at their recent Casbah show, some real life chaos threatened to derail their performance. Continue reading…

A Bloody Good Time with Menomena

Photo credit: MySpace

The last time Menomena played the Casbah, drummer Danny Seim cut his hand open on his drum set, then proceeded to wipe the blood all over his face like ghastly warpaint.

A moment like that leaves an impression, but even without it, the night would have been memorable. The quirky trio’s performances are so intense and spirited that the blood flying onstage pales in comparison to the blood rushing through the crowd’s veins. Continue reading…