Live Photos: Frightened Rabbit at the Irenic, October 20, 2012

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

As they are wont to do, Frightened Rabbit put on a great show in San Diego on Saturday.

The Scottish lads touched upon crowd favorites like “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” and “The Modern Leper” as well as deeper cuts like “Yawns.” The Irenic’s impressive acoustics perfectly augmented the band’s pristine, cathartic compositions.

Scott Hutchison made for an affable frontman, eliciting laughs from the sold-out crowd between songs. The singer nobly offered to honor any song requests in exchange for handjobs, a proposition made all the more hilarious by the sacred church surroundings. He also revealed that he often zones out while playing songs, much like people do when driving. So what is it that the revered Hutchison thinks about while delivering such raw, emotionally intense performances? The answer: pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

Photos – Frightened Rabbit at the Irenic

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