Interview & Photos: Everest

Photos by Sylvia Borgo

MP3: O&B Interview – Everest


O&B’s Sylvia Borgo sat down with Everest lead singer Russell Pollard and guitarist/keyboardist Joel Graves for an interview during San Diego’s recent Night and Day Street Fest. In the interview, the bandmates discussed their process for writing and recording and releasing their latest album, Ownerless, bands they like, why they love Los Angeles, and more. If you listen closely during the interview, you can also hear The Nervous Wreckords playing their Street Fest set.

The band will go on tour with Neil Young next month; be sure to catch them in Seattle, Boston, New York, Philly, and a handful of other cities. Check out Sylvia’s interview (above), and photos from Everest’s Street Fest performance (below).

Photos – Everest at Night and Day Street Fair

10 thoughts on “Interview & Photos: Everest”

  1. Love the photos and the interview. Love the album, too. (Had to buy it after listening to the interview!) One of my new favorite bands!

    1. Thanks for listening to the interview, Verity. I so appreciated how much thought both Russ and Joel gave to each of my questions – they were so busy that night and they totally spent a good chunk of time with me.

    1. Amber, I hope you listen to Ownerless, the band’s new album. It is an incredible album. They’ll be touring soon with Neil Young – I hope you get to see them on tour!

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