Normandie Wilson Goes for the Heart

Local chanteuse Normandie Wilson has just released her latest EP, At The Heart of Staying In Love. The six-track effort is one of Wilson’s most intimate releases yet, dealing with the “dissolution” of a three-year relationship with her former band mate. (So, a breakup.) According to Wilson:

Suffice it to say that when you spend a large amount of time with someone (anyone), whether that time is mostly good, or mostly bad, you will live with their presence and their ghosts for a long, long, long time. I wrote the title song quite a while after the relationship had ended, while I was sitting and fully marinating in the feelings of what it means to love. What it means to lose. What it means to go from seeing someone every day and every hour to hearing from them less and less and less, and exactly how that feels.

Wilson’s heart may be broken, but her knack for songwriting ain’t. At The Heart of Staying In Love is a focused, assured release that uses revealing lyrics and bittersweet wit as musical therapy. Wilson’s warm keyboards and storytelling croon are put to good use throughout the EP, but the standout track is the showtune-y “My Careful Lover,” a winking piano ballad that channels the emotional nudism of Ellen Greene in Little Shop of Horrors‘ “Somewhere That’s Green.”

You can feast your ears on At The Heart of Staying In Love at Wilson’s Bandcamp page for the price of an email address.

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