Anthology Closes its Doors


We have just received word that Anthology has closed down.

The Little Italy venue was known throughout San Diego for its classy atmosphere and well-curated, jazz-oriented concerts. In a message sent to Owl and Bear, Anthology marketing manager Casey Pukl stated, “It is with great sadness that I send this email today to inform you that owner Howard Berkson announced today that Anthology has officially closed its doors and will not be reopening.”

Rumors of the venue’s imminent closing have circulated in recent months, but the news still seems very sudden. Adding to the rushed nature of the closing, Pukl also stated that she wasn’t sure when her email address would be deactivated and advised people to contact Berkson regarding any outstanding debts.

According to its website, Anthology had recently closed for “upgrades and repairs” and was set to reopen, though no future shows were scheduled on the venue’s calendar.

“Unfortunately no details were given,” Pukl told Owl and Bear when asked about the reason for the closure. “Yesterday we were told we’d be reopening February 1, and today we were told that was no longer the case, and we’d be closing for good.”

For our part, we’re sad to see the place go. We’ll provide more information as we receive it.

UPDATE: U-T San Diego reports that co-owners Howard and Marsha Berkson are divorcing.

6 thoughts on “Anthology Closes its Doors”

  1. There is still good music here, with some of the same acts who appeared at Anthology. Acoustic Music San Diego had Richie Havens here before Anthology. Yes, it is not a niteclub. But if you truly are a music lover, and want to hear some great singer/songwriters in a venue with wonderful acoustics (at decent prices!)then check out Think that is the correct address, just google if not and do yourself and friends a favor.

  2. I am stunned. I loved Anthology and I had many enjoyable nights there. It was the one place I knew I could go and hear great music. Unfortunately San Diego culture is beer in a plastic cup and flip flops. I guess I am going back East. I can’t believe it.

  3. My band “The John Cain Orchestra” played the last show at Anthology on Dec. 30. Every time we played there the management, owner, staff, stage and sound crew always treated us with professionalism and respect. For the musicians it was a really nice venue in which to perform. It was a great run while it lasted. I’m sorry to see it go. All these night clubs come and go but the music goes on forever. There will be another “Anthology like” venue eventually.

  4. I didn’t care for Anthology at all. Unless you were on the floor, the lines of sight were all messed up. Sure it sounded good in there but I had to watch a whole show on one of the televisions, not cool. And don’t get me started on how expensive it was.

  5. I have gone to see local as well as national acts, and I’m so saddened to hear that one of SD’s best venues is closing. Please tell us who we should contact if other investors in keeping the place open would like more info.


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