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The third installment of the Owl and Bear Guestcast was compiled by Chicago music guru Dave Hall.

“Ireland Blues” – Jim Becker/Reid Coker: A slice of rockabilly fun, it’s “Their Business!” Unreleased and available here only.

“Slugbong #31” – Joe Adamik/Jim Becker Duo: The Califone backbone stretch out on their own, making some compelling, hypnotizing musical minestrone.

“Juice” – Depravos De La Mour: Originally known as Retardos De La Mour, they were magically enlightened and changed their name to something a bit more appropriate. Their lead singer is in his 60’s, but he still knows how to rock it.

“Don’t Look Back” – The Thin Man: Don Henley said it long ago, and it bears repeating here, by Kennedy Greenrod as The Thin Man.

“Murdered At The Bar” – The Bitter Tears: Mad genius Alan Scalpone lays out the reasons why “I didn’t come home last night” to a female fan who’s not buying. And this song should be the last one played at every bar in the United States of America.

“Micro Coliseum” – Sonoi: Adam Busch and company throw a poppy hook into the water and it’s hard not to bite.

“Stumper” – The Bitter Tears: We all have our favorite “stumper.” Who’s yours?

“Nightstick” – The Columbines: The extended Barlow family brings out the heavy artillery to pound some musical sense into your brain. Arresting!

“Dominica Pearl” – Sonoi: A cool, relaxing gem of a song.

“Dead Flowers” – Tangleweed: Does the world need yet another cover of the Stones’ classic? Maybe not, but this one will grow on you.

“Heart of Snow” – The Columbines: If the B-52’s and X had sex, this would be their baby…maybe.

“I Need To Be Told” – The Father Costume: The Father Costume is something you can never wear, but you can still be fashionable by listening.

“God Rocks” – The Judy Green: “Wouldn’t it be nice” to think this was an uplifting song about religion? Give a listen, pay attention to the lyrics and decide for yourself.

“Emptiness In Yes And” – Nurse Novels: Tony Mendoza and friends ply their plush candy-coated harmonies to those who will indulge.

“My City” – The Thin Man: Kennedy and company rail about many things, making for a great song about who knows what city?

“The Mismade Girl” – The Father Costume: “Sawing her in half/will please the crowd.” And so will this impossible-to-resist tune.

“A Night Like This” – Roommate: Founder/lead vocalist Kent Lambert graciously moves over to allow Gillian Lisee to cover The Cure. And does she ever…

“Listen To Her Heart” – Tijuana Hercules: John Forbes is the last guy you want to meet in a Chicago alley. He will kick your ass and serve it up on Sunday. Enjoy his take on a TP tune…

“The Tyger” – Billy Blake & The Vagabonds: Some veteran Chicago indie musicians got together, took words by legendary poet William Blake and added a musical element. The result? Please sir, may I have some more?

“beijingbathroom” – noise+light: they don’t need no stinking capital letters! A live track from some crazy kids.

“scienceandindustry” – noise+light: they still don’t need no capital letters! Or spaces…

“California” – Tumbleweed: “I’m goin’ to California if I have to crawl…”

“Sick Rose” – Billy Blake & The Vagabonds: Only one problem with this song…it’s not nearly long enough. “That’s what she said!”

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