Live Photos: Miss Erika Davies at Seven Grand, January 17, 2013

Photos by Chris Maroulakos
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

MP3: Miss Erika Davies – “Part the Sea”

San Diego’s Miss Erika Davies celebrated her birthday with a swanky show at Seven Grand on Thursday. The North Park whiskey joint was a good fit for Davies’ top-shelf stylings, though she did have to beg some chatty attendees to stop talking over her set. Her current backing band — comprised of Trio Gadjo‘s Aaron Mahn and Jeremy Eikam — provided solid support, but nothing brought the house down quite like her a cappella rendition of “Empty Shell.” Even the gabby bros in the back of the bar shut up for that one.

Ever the class act, Davies baked and distributed birthday cupcakes to the crowd. She was also surprised mid-set by her sister and a friend, who appeared onstage dressed as a giant birthday cake.

Davies’s birthday wasn’t the only reason for the singer to celebrate. She just dropped Part the Sea, her new Kickstarter-funded album. You can buy the CD here.

Photos – Miss Erika Davies at Seven Grand

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  1. Cool photos and piece. Thx for the SoundCloud link, too, I’m enjoying the music. I’ve never actually been to this venue and this is the first I’ve heard of it, surprisingly. Glad to know! Thanks for the info. 😉

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