Live Photos: Diatribes and Champ at Soda Bar, September 6, 2013

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Local busybody Greg Thielmann showed off his two new bands at Soda Bar on Thursday. Headliners Diatribes unfurled some smoky tunes, including “Hand Book for the Blind,” while penultimate act Champ serenaded the “Real Cool Kids” in the crowd.

Diatribes’ set was their first-ever live performance, while comparative veterans Champ played their second gig. The fact that both female-fronted, mid-tempo bands feature Thielmann and one other member of Hills Like Elephants didn’t exactly help the crowd tell them apart, but it’ll be interesting to see how the two fledgling acts differentiate themselves in the future.

Diatribes at Soda Bar

Champs at Soda Bar

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