Live Photos: Hills Like Elephants, Boy King, and Jimmy Ruelas at the Casbah, March 8, 2014

Hills Like Elephants
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Hills Like Elephants threw a release party at the Casbah on Saturday, with an emphasis on the word “party.” The local synthpop band put on a sweaty, jubilant set in celebration of its newly pressed EP, Bedroom Colonies Vol. 1, which they gave away for free to attendees.

The five-piece was supported by an all-star San Diegan lineup that included an in-top-form Boy King, psych-rockers Wild Wild Wets, and one-man-band Jimmy Ruelas. Wild Wild Wets’ dim, projection-heavy set was unfortunately too dark to photograph, but we did take pictures of the rest of the bands for you. Take a gander at them below.

Hills Like Elephants at the Casbah

Boy King at the Casbah

Jimmy Ruelas at the Casbah

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