Bryan Ferry at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay

Live Review & Photos: Bryan Ferry and Dawn Landes at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay, April 17, 2014

Bryan Ferry at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay
Photos by Sylvia Borgo

Bryan Ferry brought a well-dressed crowd to Humphreys last week.

Tuxedos, brightly colored satin jackets, sequined dresses, fur coats, pearls, long gloves, and feather boas (and even a tiara) all made appearances at the Roxy Music founder’s show. Ferry also looked dapper when he took the stage, wearing dark trousers and a patterned suit jacket with a scarf.

There were a fair number of normal humans there too: as I approached the venue, a 20-something wearing a Roxy Music t-shirt approached me and asked if I had an extra ticket. When I replied, “No,” He shook his head in frustration and said, “Fuck!”

Throughout the show, Ferry went back and forth from singing at the front of the stage (and even playing harmonica at one point) to sitting in the back and playing keys. Ferry’s setlist featured a lot of classics that thrilled the crowd, beginning with an abbreviated version of “More Than This,” followed by “Avalon” (a sea of smartphones went up for this one), and ending with “Love is The Drug” and “Virginia Plain.”

A great showman, Ferry has been on stage for over 40 years, and that has to count for a lot. Throughout the evening, he danced, bowed, offered profuse thank yous, and threw kisses. Overall, he sounded great, his voice still smooth as silk but with a husky sex appeal. As you get older, your voice gets deeper, but Ferry’s has held up as well as his peers McCartney and Jagger (if not better).

For the encore, Ferry played two songs and closed the show with John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.”

Dawn Landes opened the show. She was very charming on stage, with a vivacious stage presence. Her sweet, earthy vocals were reminiscent of Aimee Mann, and she interacted with the crowd a lot, including saying, “I’m so happy to be in California. I live on the other coast.” One audience member yelled out, “Sorry.” And she laughed it off.

Bryan Ferry at Humphreys

Dawn Landes at Humphreys

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