Live Photos: Gary Hankins & the Summer Knowledge at the Tin Can, October 31, 2014

Gary Hankins & the Summer Knowledge
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

In a city with as much musical overlap as San Diego, the line between “group” and “supergroup” can become more than a little blurry. But goddamn if Gary Hankins & the Summer Knowledge don’t have one of the best rosters in town.

The group that took the stage at Friday’s EP release show at the Tin Can was a who’s who of San Diego’s most talented and versatile musicians. In the lead, there was of course Gary Hankins of Scarlet Symphony and Shapes of Future Frames fame. He was backed on guitars by his brother Eric Hankins and Jimmy Ruelas (each known for their solo work), guitarist/mad scientist Jamie Pawloski (Shapes of Future Frames, Maritime Ghost), bassist Greg Thielmann (Hills Like Elephants, Champ, Diatribes, everything), and drummer Chris Carroll (Erika Davies & the Men, Jimmy Ruelas, Shapes of Future Frames, everything else).

Hankins and Co. were celebrating the release of their new EP Epiphany, Notion, Potions & Lore, which came in a beautiful, limited-edition package comprised of a clamshell case, download card, red cassette tape, CD, exquisitely designed lyric book, and library book slip.

The band’s sound was an unabashedly unique and quirky blend of glam pop, country, and experimental rock (think David Bowie in a 10-gallon hat covering Captain Beefheart). And, it being Halloween and all, the costumes that the musicians wore only added to the mystique. Check out our photos below, and don’t miss Gary Hankins & the Summer Knowledge when they play the Casbah on November 11.

Photos: Gary Hankins & the Summer Knowledge at the Tin Can Ale House

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