Live Photos: New Politics, Bad Suns, and SomeKindaWonderful at House of Blues, October 30, 2014

New Politics
Photos by Jade Park

House of Blues was host to three formidable acts on October 30, each one pumping up the crowd with its own stylistic elements and musical energy.

SomeKindaWonderful was the opening act and did their best at pumping up the crowd, the highlight being crowd favorite “Reverse.”

Bad Suns were up next and the cheers of teenage girls were definitely deafening. The screams only multiplied during singles “Salt” and “Cardiac Arrest.” Lead singer Christo swaggered around stage, further igniting the crowd by surfing on it and feeding off the high energy.

However, nothing compared to the main act, New Politics, who literally came in with smoke and a bang. The strobe lights only heightened the experience of the pulsating music as guitarist Søren ripped up the stage. The three acts together made for an exhilarating live experience and each should go on to do great things in the future.

Photos: New Politics at House of Blues San Diego

Photos: Bad Suns at House of Blues San Diego

Photos: SomeKindaWonderful at House of Blues San Diego

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