Live Photos: Garbage at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, October 6, 2015

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Garbage kicked off their “20 Years Queer” tour at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay on Tuesday.

As the name implies, the tour celebrates two decades having passed since the release of the band’s self-titled album, which spawned hits like “Queer,” “Only Happy When it Rains,” and “Stupid Girl.” As a treat to fans, and reportedly for the first time ever, Garbage played the album in its entirety. They did, however, take a break halfway through to dust off old B-sides like “Girls Don’t Come” and their cover of The Jam’s “Butterfly Collector.”

Her mic stand adorned with a pink boa reminiscent of Garbage‘s album cover, frontwoman Shirley Manson entertained the crowd between songs with her customary blend of badass potty-mouthing and sultry charm. There was also an anecdote about Scotland’s national motto involving shitting in people’s corn flakes, but it was hard to make out over the crowd professing its love for Manson.

Photos: Garbage at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

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