Today in Great Ideas: Splavender to Pair Music With Beers at Mike Hess Brewery


If you’re looking to experience some synesthesia without tripping on shrooms, head on over to Mike Hess Brewing in Mira Mesa next weekend where local band Splavender will be performing songs paired with craft beer. Attendees will essentially get to taste beer with their ears and hear music with their tongues.

Influenced by great craft brewers as much as musical greats, Splavender plays a self-described “collection of sun drenched party anthems for young lovers.” Several tracks from their LP Shoreline Dilemna will be featured at the March 18 show alongside a five-beer flight. Songs will be matched with flavor profiles similar to the beers: a frothy pop song with an easy wheat beer and bitter lyrics for bitter beers.

Below are the suggested pairings, though there may be some slight differences in beer selections by the time March 18 rolls around.

Songs: “Honeysuckle” and “Sho’ Nuff
Beer: Rye Imperial Stout

Complex instrumentation with synth based grooves that explode into moments of pop perfection, these two songs artistically blended together to give the listener time to appreciate the deep, nutty, complexity of the Rye Imperial Stout. It’s nothing to rush through as this beer weighs in at a hefty 10.2% ABV.

Song:Freaky n’ Fine
Beer: 8 West Orange Honey Wheat

Considered a pop gem by fans of Splavender, “Freaky n’ Fine” is undeniably sunny and upbeat while the lyrics seem to tell an angsty story of love through metaphors of the beach. The 8 West Orange Honey Wheat is the California daytime beer that Splavender is to the California poolside band.

Songs: Kinda like a Ming Bog” and “Chrome Addict”
Beer: My Other Vice Berliner Weisse

A collection of songs also blended as one consistent live piece, the pomegranate, black cherry, and cranberry flavors in the Berliner Weisse, are complemented and brought to life in a series of musical vignettes that include a story of conflict and passion that gives way to a psychedelic, latin, piano-based interlude with expressive vocals and a catchy tune with the melodies at the forefront.

Song:My Chiffonier
Beer: Habitus Double IPA

Bitter and emotionally resonating lyrics accompanied by jangly, sun-soaked guitar riffs, My Chiffonier leaves no guesses as to the meaning and intimacy that went into crafting this jam.

Songs: Scenic Routed Mind” and “Ice Trayz
Beer: Vienna Cream Ale

These two songs are silky smooth and listenable as the saxophone, synth, and Rhodes piano make for a unique and compelling sonic atmosphere fit for a musical journey. Perfect for the sweet and popular Vienna Cream Ale.

As the microbrewery capital of the world, San Diego is as soaked in craft beer as it is in sunshine, neither of which should go to waste. So head over to Mike Hess on March 18 for a cold flight and listen to the endless combinations of water, grain, yeast, and hops.

And if you’d like to bone up Splavender’s music before the show, head on over to their BandCamp page where their 2015 debut Shoreline Dilemma is available as a free download.

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