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Today in Great Ideas: Splavender to Pair Music With Beers at Mike Hess Brewery


If you’re looking to experience some synesthesia without tripping on shrooms, head on over to Mike Hess Brewing in Mira Mesa next weekend where local band Splavender will be performing songs paired with craft beer. Attendees will essentially get to taste beer with their ears and hear music with their tongues. Continue reading…

The Redwoods Release Free Sampler

The Redwoods

There’s a new record label in Southern California, and it’s based right here in America’s Finest City™. Running a Stax/Muscle Shoals model, The Redwoods features bands ranging from soul to psych-folk to good ol’ rock and roll, each carrying its own timeless sound. The label’s unique blend of experienced session musicians forms a talented house band that’s worked with the likes of TV on the Radio, Karen O, Kelis, and more. Continue reading…