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Live Review: Dead Feather Moon and Trouble in the Wind at the Casbah, August 2, 2013

Dead Feather Moon
Dead Feather Moon by Sylvia Borgo

The bill at the Casbah doesn’t get much better than it did on Friday, with headliners Dead Feather Moon putting on a near-flawless show and openers Kelly McFarling and Elijah Ford showcasing a huge amount of talent. But out of all the night’s acts, it was Trouble in the Wind‘s gut-punch of invigorating folk-rock that stole the show. Continue reading…

Interview & Photos: Dead Feather Moon

Photos and interview by Sylvia Borgo

MP3: O&B Interview – Dead Feather Moon


Hot on the heels of a recent tour, Dead Feather Moon sat down with O&B contributor Sylvia Borgo to discuss the Monterey music scene, the prospect of a new album, their local music friends and mentors, and more. Continue reading…