The Owl and Bear Podcast: April 2016

The Regrettes
The Regrettes

Don’t Peggy Olsen us, motherfuckers. The Owl and Bear podcast is back for April, and it’s bringing with it a bevy of musicians who totally knock us out and just happen to be women while doing so.

We’ve got the bittersweet songwriting of Lucy Dacus, pop-punk child prodigies The Regrettes, and unabashed underground rockers Wild Powwers. (Apologies to Wild Powwers bassist Jordan Gomes — we’re guessing you don’t consider yourself a woman, but hey, who knows?)

We sprinkled in a few dudes too, because I guess they are okay at music sometimes. Iggy Pop is here to haunt us with a track from his latest album, Post Pop Depression, and we’re sampling the solo efforts of Cullen Omori (formerly of The Smith Westerns). Finally, we’ve also chosen the least indulgent and offensive track from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

Got a band you want to turn Owl and Bear onto? Let us know about them in the comments!

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