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The Owl and Bear Podcast: April 2016

The Regrettes
The Regrettes

Don’t Peggy Olsen us, motherfuckers. The Owl and Bear podcast is back for April, and it’s bringing with it a bevy of musicians who totally knock us out and just happen to be women while doing so. Continue reading…

There Will Be ‘Blood’

Photo credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg

When people use the words “dance” and “trip” in the same sentence, it’s usually to describe my clumsy, ill-advised attempts to bust a move at Booty Basement. But thankfully, there’s now a much more exciting — and less embarrassing — reason to use those words together.

On May 21, Yeasayer will bring their dancey, trippy stylings to the Belly Up. The Brooklyn six-piece is still flying high after the release of its stunning sophomore album, Odd Blood, which earned the band a place of honor on Owl and Bear’s Best of 2010 list. Continue reading…