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Smith Westerns Announce Massive Tour, Yeasayer Date at Belly Up

After a whirlwind week at SXSW and the recent release of their O&B-anticipated sophomore record Dye it Blonde, Smith Westerns are hitting the road again. This time, the band has planned a massive world tour, including a stop with Yeasayer at the Belly Up on May 21. In addition to its California dates, the group will swing by Europe and Canada, and play a slew of Southern shows with a little band named Wilco.

Smith Westerns also recently recorded a live in-studio session for Pitchfork TV (see above). In the video, the band sets up shop in a foggy studio to perform Dye it Blonde songs “Weekend,” “Imagine Pt. 3,” and “Dye the World.” Two more videos and the full list of Smith Westerns tour dates are below. Continue reading…

Owl and Bear’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

As a music fan, I’m waiting for the release that defines the new decade. You know what I’m talking about; every 10 years or so, a band comes out of nowhere with the perfect storm of style, lyrics, and — oh yeah — music.

The 80s had Guns ‘N Roses, the 90s Nirvana, and the 2000s gave us The Strokes. Granted, none of those bands dominated for a full 10 years, but they spawned countless imitators, some enjoyable and some terrible. That feeling of uncharted territory and danger rolled up into one is what I miss and am still waiting for. Remember when you first heard “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” or “Last Night”? I’m guessing you were instantly on board, just like I was. Continue reading…

Owl and Bear’s Top Albums of 2009

Owl and Bear writers’ favorite albums of 2009. Continue reading