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Owl and Bear’s Best Albums of 2012

The best best of list of the year

The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 174: Best of ’12 Edition

Been a while since I felt this way

Live Review: FYF Fest, September 1-2, 2012, Los Angeles

Top acts included King Khan, The Growlers, and Purity Ring

The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 162

Pass me a coat, I’m not afraid to leave

Video: Cloud Nothings – “No Future/No Past”

Cloud Nothings are in the forecast for San Diego

Owl and Bear’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Will 2011 mark the return of the rock star?

Watchlist vol. 8: Cloud Nothings (MP3s)

The Ohio band has a hidden depth that belies its lo-fi aesthetic.