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The Pipettes vs. The Pipettes

How many pieces can you replace on something before it loses its essence? Whether it’s EVE rebuilding a damaged WALL-E from scrap, or my own quest to restore my Jeep after some rascally car thieves stripped it for parts, the question persists: just how much addition and subtraction can something withstand before it becomes something else entirely?

That’s a concern that’s plagued The Pipettes in recent years. The UK trio made a big splash in Europe and Asia with 2006’s chart-topping We Are The Pipettes, a delightful collection of catchy, girl group-inspired pop with a winking, post-feminist twist. Thanks to unforgettable singles like “Pull Shapes” and “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me,” the record established the steely Gwenno, the demure Rosay, and the prickly RiotBecki as worthy carriers of the Phil Spector torch. Continue reading…

Who Are The Pipettes?

British girl group The Pipettes have had a tumultuous year. Shortly after their terrific debut album, We Are The Pipettes, hit American shelves, two of the trio’s members left to pursue other projects. Remaining member Gwenno Saunders soldiered on, recruiting her sister Ani Saunders and Anna McDonald to replace them, and the new lineup was set to record their eagerly awaited follow-up album.

It would appear those plans have hit a snag: today the Pipettes camp announced the departure of Anna McDonald, leaving the group once again short a member. The reason for the departure, according to the band’s announcement, is that McDonald wanted to “pursue a song-writing career outside of the band.” The band insists that plans to record the next Pipettes album are still afoot, and they are currently searching for the “perfect Pipette”.

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