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Poetic Memory: The Howls (List)

MP3: The Howls – “Revival”
MP3: The Howls – “Rocky Ground”

San Diego’s The Howls have only been around for a few years, but their reputation already precedes them. Continue reading…

Interview: Saint Motel

MP3: Saint Hotel – “Puzzle Pieces”

Kicking off their Summer Sweat tour with San Diego’s own bands The Silent Comedy and The Howls in a sold-out show at the Casbah on July 5th, Los Angeles-based Saint Motel are ready to hit the road again. Lead singer AJ Jackson spoke to Owl and Bear about sex, tiger’s blood, and rock n’ roll. Continue reading…

Live Photos: Telekinesis, The Love Language, and The Howls at the Casbah, February 25, 2011

Photos by Natalie Kardos

Despite ailing from the flu and a failing voice, singer/drummer Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis gave the Casbah his all last Friday night. The set might have been abbreviated (the next night’s was canceled), but note to all under-the-weather musicians out there: when your voice fails, let the audience fill in. Or, in this case, a few brave audience members. Click here to view Natalie’s photos…

Poetic Memory: The Love Language (List)

MP3: The Love Language – “Lalita”
MP3: Telekinesis – “Coast of California”
MP3: The Howls – “Weight”

As previously mentioned, amorous indie artists The Love Language will play the Casbah tonight with label mates Telekinesis and San Diego’s own The Howls. It’s sure to be a fun show, as The Love Language and Telekinesis are a Merge match made in heaven, and The Howls are offering “free money” to anyone who shows up early enough to catch their set. Free money! (Offer only valid in Alaska and Hawaii.)

In anticipation of their show, The Love Language sent us a Poetic Memory list of their top five “Innocent Pleasures.” With picks like Keith Sweat and Phil Collins, it’s hard to tell whether it’s serious or not, but either way, it’s effing funny. Check it out below.