The Owl and Bear Podcast: June 2016

Margo Price
Margo Price by Angelina Castillo

We’re heading into the heart of summer, but this month, our days are long with darkness rather than light. In response to the massive, horrific, and sadly predictable shootings in Orlando, this podcast features songs that are all about muddling through pain.

Margo Price drowns her sorrows with the classic country-inspired “Hurtin’ (on the Bottle),” and the nouveau emo band The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die wrestles with the exhausting, everyday alienation of modern life in “Even More Forever.” If the weight of tragedy has left you feeling lost, we hope a few of these songs help you come on back home.

Though we wish the circumstances were better, we’re also glad to feature San Diego band Mrs. Magician on this podcast. We hope their SoCal-style power pop is enough to knock us all out of our feelings and get us fighting for a better tomorrow.

The Owl and Bear Podcast: June 2016

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