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Poetic Memory: The Yellow Dress (List)

The planet known as twee might be in the Descendant at the moment, but no one told The Yellow Dress that.

The seven-piece San Francisco band wears its heart on its sleeve, fashioning adorable ballads out of acoustic guitar strums, hand claps, whistling, and frontman Dan Weiss’ delirious game-show-host vocals. On their just-released sophomore album, Humblebees, The Yellow Dress leave apathy and pretentiousness to the buzz bands, opting instead for relentlessly cheery, homespun ditties with a heartfelt edge. Continue reading…

Interview: Adam Balbo


NorCal musican/humorist Adam Balbo just released Fix, his excellent and umpteenth album. Featuring instant classics like “The Girl at My Pity Party” and the tongue-in-cheek “Obligatory Highway Analogy” (MP3), the album sounds like a cross between Bob Dylan and Mason Jennings, but is set apart by Balbo’s drier-than-bone wit. As a service to our readers, we commissioned Fancy Dan of The Fancy Dan Band to interview the self-aware, self-deprecating musician. Balbo’s insights about Legos, mosquito-shooting lasers, and how to invite someone to be in your porno can be found below. Continue reading