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Breaking: Pitchfork to Give Wilco’s New Album a 5.8

Wilco the Album

Yesterday, we received a disturbing email from a Pitchfork Media staffer, detailing how senior management re-shaped his review of Wilco (The Album), which is set to be released on June 30, 2009. The distressed staffer writes, “With high profile releases like this one, management will tell writers what an album’s rating will be. You have to write your review around the […]

Black Kids – Partie Traumatic

Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

2008, Columbia Records The trumpets heralding the release of Black Kids’ debut began blowing a year ago, when the Jacksonville band made their demo EP, Wizard Of Ahhhs, available for free download. The EP was a rollicking good time – the perfect soundtrack to every out-of-hand house party or ill-advised hookup you’re looking forward to […]