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Video: Obits – “Bed & Bugs” Album Trailer

Garage punks announce new album

Interview: Phantogram

Sarah Barthel talks about surviving in a post-Pitchfork world

Poetic Memory: The Moviegoers (List)

The Moviegoers

San Diego’s The Moviegoers aren’t a passing fad. In our latest edition of Poetic Memory, the band talks about everything from the Beatles to Salinger to the Muppets and offers a brand new song for download.

No ‘Funeral’ for Califone

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

Pitchfork is known for swinging wide. It’s not uncommon for the taste-making website to build up a band’s reputation with a glowing review on one record, only to single-handedly destroy the group on their follow-up.

Crashing Wavves


Many bands toil for years, chasing a fame that, for most of them, will never come. But what of the bands who achieve instant recognition, without all the years of honing their talents? San Diego’s Wavves is just such a band. After being plucked from obscurity by a “Best New Music” review from the music […]

Breaking: Pitchfork to Give Wilco’s New Album a 5.8

Wilco the Album

Yesterday, we received a disturbing email from a Pitchfork Media staffer, detailing how senior management re-shaped his review of Wilco (The Album), which is set to be released on June 30, 2009. The distressed staffer writes, “With high profile releases like this one, management will tell writers what an album’s rating will be. You have to write your review around the […]