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Star Wars Burlesque

Live Photos & Interview: “Star Girls” Burlesque

Star Girls Burlesque
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

When we heard that Star Girls, a Star Wars-themed burlesque show, was coming to San Diego’s own Horton Grand Theater last weekend, we were obviously intrigued. We thought our faithful readers just might be interested in something like that too, so we took one for the team and took photos of the lovely performers for you. Continue reading…

Live Photos: The Silent Comedy and Hell on Heels Burlesque at the Lafayette Hotel, December 31, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Saturday night’s New Year’s Eve celebration at the Lafayette Hotel bid a fun farewell to 2011, thanks to the presence of some of San Diego’s best bands and plenty of hangover-inducing alcohol. The hotel’s Lafayette and Mississippi rooms served as dual stages for bands like Transfer, The Heavy Guilt, and The Creepy Creeps, one-man-band Low Volts played in the lobby, and the lovely ladies of Hell on Heels Burlesque strutted their stuff poolside. Headliners The Silent Comedy took to the stage just before midnight to make sure that the first thing attendees heard in 2012 was great music.

Because we love you, we put down our drinks long enough to snap some pictures of The Silent Comedy’s set, which you can see below. And, even though we’re technically a music site, we figured you’d want to see photos of Hell on Heels Burlesque too, so enjoy. Photos may be NSFW depending on how your boss feels about girls in pasties. Check out the photos…