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Live Review & Photos: Cee-Lo Green at Fluxx, February 10, 2011

If there is one indisputable fact about last night’s Cee-Lo Green show, it’s that everyone was happy to be there.

Be it openers The Nervous Wreckords, who were thrilled to play a packed house, or Vokab Kompany, who earnestly believed that their performance might attract crossover fans, or Cee-Lo himself, who may have confessed to being high on ecstasy (“My nipples are half-erect!”), the performers were all elated in their own ways. The audience, too, didn’t seem to think there was a better place on Earth to be, despite the crazy melting pot of spastic dancers, drunk-as-fuck frat boys, tarted-up Gaslamp girls, and a handful of out-of-place indie fans. Continue reading…