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Video: New Mexico – “Motion Sickness” (Dustball Edition)

As you may or may not be aware, San Diego CityBeat staff writer Dave Maass recently live-blogged, live-tweeted, live-videoed, and generally lived through the Dustball Rally, an epic three-day, 2,000-mile road rally through the Southwest:

I’m cramming myself into the backseat (multiple backseats, actually) on the Dustball 2000…Leaving El Paso at the crickety-crack of dawn Wednesday morning, the scavenger-hunt-style adventure runs along a mystery route across the American Southwest to Las Vegas.

We at Owl and Bear, among others, sponsored Dave’s doings, and that’s why we’re proud to post this video recap of his adventure, complete with a soundtrack by San Diego’s own indie rockers New Mexico. If you like what you hear — and really, why wouldn’t you — head over to Soda Bar on August 25 to see New Mexico headline this month’s SoundDiego Live event.