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Video: New Mexico – “Motion Sickness” (Dustball Edition)

As you may or may not be aware, San Diego CityBeat staff writer Dave Maass recently live-blogged, live-tweeted, live-videoed, and generally lived through the Dustball Rally, an epic three-day, 2,000-mile road rally through the Southwest:

I’m cramming myself into the backseat (multiple backseats, actually) on the Dustball 2000…Leaving El Paso at the crickety-crack of dawn Wednesday morning, the scavenger-hunt-style adventure runs along a mystery route across the American Southwest to Las Vegas.

We at Owl and Bear, among others, sponsored Dave’s doings, and that’s why we’re proud to post this video recap of his adventure, complete with a soundtrack by San Diego’s own indie rockers New Mexico. If you like what you hear — and really, why wouldn’t you — head over to Soda Bar on August 25 to see New Mexico headline this month’s SoundDiego Live event.

The Rumble Gets Cinematic

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As we mentioned last week, this Saturday’s installment of The Rumble at Bar Pink is Echotone-themed.

Echotone is a documentary about the blossoming Austin, TX music scene, and has been described by the AV Club as “beautifully shot, cleverly edited, and suffused with the dark, tenacious humor of the musicians and artists…a timely valentine with purpose.”

In conjunction with the film, Bar Pink patrons and Rumble regulars will be treated to performances by Sunset and White White Lights — two bands featured in the documentary. There will even be a preview of Echotone itself which, if the (below) trailer is any indication, shall be most excellent.

Saturday will also serve as a nice introduction to local up-and-comers Chairs Missing who just released a new EP and are slated to play Sezio’s epic Four Day Weekend event in November. Chairs Missing are stand up guys.

As always, admission to The Rumble is free and delicious Trumer Pils is a mere $3. DJ Tropical Popsicle will man the turntables between sets; we challenge you to say his name five times fast.

In case you haven’t heard, The Rumble is a monthly showcase of local and international indie talent. This month’s event is sponsored by Future Sounds, Indigenous, San Diego: Dialed In, Bedouin Vintage Collective, BMI, M-Theory Records, Reversal Films, Echotone, Trumer Pils, and your friendly neighborhood Owl and Bear.

The trailer for Echotone, as well as MP3s and photos are below.