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San Diego Latino Film Festival Brings the Scary and the Bizarre

For the 21st time annually, the San Diego Latino Film Festival will bring a variety of films, events, special guests, and activities that celebrate the work of Latinos in cinema. The genre sidebar “Un Mundo Extraño” is a recent addition to the festival. Continue reading…

Maniac Elijah Wood

Film Review: Maniac

Maniac Elijah Wood

In most horror movies, the goal is for you to identify with the victim. Scares result from feeling like it’s you that’s being chased down that dark alley, or up the stairs, or into the woods. Your pulse races and your palms sweat because you feel like it’s your life that’s in danger. But the power of Maniac, the new film from Franck Khalfoun, lies in its ability to put you inside the head of the murderer, not the victim. Continue reading…

Film Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead

For horror fans, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy is sacred. The 1981 original is the prototypical cabin in the woods movie, and its pair of genre-bending sequels broke new ground by diluting the gut-spilling gore with gut-busting comedy. That’s a hell of a legacy, and anyone attempting to reboot such a venerable franchise does so at their own peril. Luckily, it’s hard to imagine any die-hard fans walking away disappointed by Fede Alvarez’s gruesome, accomplished remake. Continue reading…