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Film Review: Oculus


‘Oculus’ explores fear through a mind-bending mirror

San Diego Latino Film Festival Brings the Scary and the Bizarre


The festival’s “Un Mundo Extraño” sidebar showcases an eclectic group of films

Film Review: Maniac

Maniac Elijah Wood

The horror remake is an unflinching journey to the dark side

Film Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead

A new remake takes on one of horror’s most beloved classics

Film Review: The Cabin in the Woods

The new film from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon has a secret worth telling

The Human Centipede (Review)

The controversial indie horror flick comes to DVD.

Let The Right One In

Most horror movies achieve their scares by jolting the viewer. They grab them by the collar and shake them about with a blood-curdling scream or a quick explosion of strings from the soundtrack. But nobody screams in Let The Right One In, an atypical horror movie that possesses the skill and discipline to engage its […]