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Live Review & Photos: Operation Kick Ass Festival at Sleep Train Ampitheater, September 15, 2013

Alice in Chains by Alex Matthews
Alice in Chains. Photos by Alex Matthews.

If day one of Rock 105.3’s Operation Kickass Festival was a look at newer talent in rock music and the bands currently on top, then day two was a nod to the veteran acts. Continue reading…

Live Photos: Jane’s Addiction, Garbage, and Angels & Airwaves at X-Fest, June 3, 2012

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

This year’s X-Fest brought two alternative legends to Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre. The newly reunited Garbage played a late set that drew from their impressive stockpile of hits, and headliners Jane’s Addiction closed out the night with a frantic, high-energy set. Fifteen years ago, few would have expected these two bands to still be alive and kicking today, but the crowd that bore witness to their stunning performances probably had no complaints. Check out the photos…

Poetic Memory: The Old In Out (List)

San Diego’s music scene offers plenty of options. Want gorgeous jazz vocals shimmering with old-timey charm? We’ve got Erika Davies. Need a mainlined dose of fast, endlessly catchy powerpop? We’ve got The Powerchords. Have a hankering for exquisitely depressing tales of heartache, complete with eerie saw-playing? We’ve got Black Heart Procession. But if you’re looking for a band that rocks so hard they’ll shatter your pint glass, you need look no further than The Old In Out.

Blending the raunchiest elements of blues, garage rock, and psychedelia, The Old In Out are a hailstorm of loud guitar, sledgehammered beats, and sneering swagger. We recently had the opportunity to pick drummer Christopher James Carroll’s brain about what inspires him:

“I’ve found that inspiration comes from within and without. Everything and anything from a cool movie to seeing a great art show to watching the sun set, or reading a good book on a rainy day afternoon. The things that truly influence me are the things that create whole new worlds to peer into: worlds of mood, color, and shape that challenge and unlock new doors of understanding.”

We’ve been fortunate enough to obtain Poetic Memory lists from lots of musicians in the past, but his is definitely one of the more eclectic ones we’ve seen. Carroll’s multifaceted nature is also apparent in his music; in addition to his work with The Old In Out, he also drums for up-and-coming prog monster Shapes Of Future Frames. Carroll’s Poetic Memory can be found below. Continue reading