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Califone’s Tim Rutili Lends Support to Song+Stories Project, You Should Too

Independent radio artists Elizabeth Meister and Dan Collison are working with acclaimed Califone songwriter Tim Rutili on a documentary called Journey of the Asian Carp.

For the uninitiated, the Asian carp is a destructive non-native fish that has wreaked havoc on Midwestern waterways by crowding out native fish and uprooting plants. Notorious for their jumping ability, they also pose a physical danger to fishermen and their feeding habits make them hard to capture.

Meister and Collison hope to weave the documentary with Rutili’s music to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Rutili’s music will supplement the documentary’s narrative as it follows the invasive carp’s slow migration from the American south “to the brink of Lake Michigan, focusing specifically on communities along the Illinois River that already have been invaded.”

If all goes well (more on that later), Meister and Collison will visit some of the small American communities that depend on their waterways and native fish but have been devastated by the Asian carp’s invasion.
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Merge Releases Spring 2010 Sampler (MP3s)

Merge has put up a fresh sampler for free download at the Amazon MP3 store, and it has a great selection of tracks. According to Merge,

Spring has sprung and it is time for a new free Merge sampler! Visit Amazon.com now to download fourteen free songs from the latest albums by Radar Brothers, Spoon, Let’s Wrestle, She & Him and more. The sampler features special cover art by Let’s Wrestle’s Wesley Patrick Gonzalez.

Tracklist after the jump.