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Don’t Have a Blue Christmas

For many, the holiday season can be a depressing time. Despite all the talk of good cheer, the mirth and merriment can conceal an underbelly of loneliness and dejection. It’s no coincidence that, every December, depression levels skyrocket.

The cause of all the melancholy is simple — it’s the endless stream of bad music on the radio. How many obnoxious Christmas carols and wailing Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitar solos can any person endure before doing damage to their mental health? Luckily, the Casbah has put together a delightfully oddball show that’s guaranteed to permanently wipe the lyrics to “Jingle Bells” from your memory. Continue reading…

The ‘Gong’ Show

Photo credit: Myspace

In the all-too-fleeting world of indie rock acclaim, Quasi are as close to an institution as it gets. The Portland-based trio have been around since 1993, and their music has remained refreshingly wrinkle-free. Led by Sam Coomes on vocals, keys, and guitar, and ex-wife Janet Weiss—of defunct rock goddesses Sleater-Kinney—on backup vocals and drums, Quasi have been quietly releasing loud music for almost two decades. Continue reading

The Builders and the Butchers Return to San Diego

When The Builders And The Butchers come to San Diego, they show up to play. The band’s Casbah performance last February was a fever dream of apocalyptic backwoods folk voodoo that had even the most uptight hipsters in the crowd unfolding their arms and busting a move. As if to prove that lightning can indeed strike the same place twice, the group will be returning to the Casbah on Saturday, January 16th. Continue reading