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The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 166

Makes me want to clear my throat

Don’t Have a Blue Christmas

The Casbah has the antidote for your Christmas carol fatigue.

Watchlist vol. 8: Cloud Nothings (MP3s)

The Ohio band has a hidden depth that belies its lo-fi aesthetic.

The Soft Pack Make a Name for Themselves

The local band brings their fast and furious punk to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Poetic Memory: Mammoth Life (List)

The Kansas eight-piece shares its favorite bands.

Glossines Singer Sells Her Breasts

The lovely Amber Everson, front-woman of local punk favorites The Glossines, has decided to sell you her breasts.

Review: San Diego Street Scene; September 19, 2008

San Diego’s annual Street Scene festival was truly a sight to behold. A large section of San Diego’s downtown and West Village was sectioned off and made home to four stages, forty bands, and thousands upon thousands of voracious music lovers. From bros rolling joints to cute hipster chicks with flasks taped to their thighs, […]

Review: Devo; August 30, 2008 at Del Mar Race Track; San Diego

A beer- and sweat-soaked crowd of thousands gathered at the Del Mar Race Track on Saturday to watch iconic New Wave oddballs Devo preach their theory of de-evolution. Scheduled to play at seven, the group didn’t actually start until eight, but the annoyed grumbling that had begun to crescendo amongst the tightly packed sardines in […]