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Dan Mangan by Sylvia Borgo

Interview: Dan Mangan and Kenton Loewen

Dan Mangan by Sylvia Borgo
Photo credit: Sylvia Borgo

MP3: Interview – Dan Mangan


Owl and Bear contributor Sylvia Borgo sat down with Dan Mangan and drummer Kenton Loewen, two members of the collective known as Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, before their recent Casbah show. In this wide-ranging and funny interview, Borgo and the celebrated Canadian songwriter talk about The Black Keys, the JUNOs vs. The Grammys, and more.

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Album Review: Frightened Rabbit – “Pedestrian Verse”

English folk rockers Mumford & Sons won the Grammy for Album of the Year, beating Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, Jack White’s Blunderbuss, and The Black Keys’ El Camino, and there was one band that was likely seething about it: Frightened Rabbit. Continue reading…

Album Review: Dr. John – ‘Locked Down’

Photo credit: Lisa Houlgrave

This review is a little late coming. Locked Down, the latest album from Dr. John, has likely sat dusty on the shelves of many a record store without receiving the traction it deserves. In an ideal world — at least, in my ideal world — convertibles would rip through the summertime blasting “Revolution” instead of the illiterate sounds of modern pop, though I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Continue reading…