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Owl and Bear’s Best Albums of 2010

Owl and Bear writers’ favorite albums of 2010. Continue reading…

Watchlist vol. 8: Cloud Nothings (MP3s)

MP3: Cloud Nothings – “Hey Cool Kid”
MP3: Cloud Nothings – “Can’t Stay Awake”

In recent years, Ohio has found itself on the receiving end of many jokes. Yet despite some unfortunate sports teams and economic problems, the Buckeye State remains fertile ground for great music.

In particular, the Akron, Ohio scene has produced legendary punk bands like The Cramps, Dead Boys, and Devo. More recently, The Black Keys exploded onto the national scene with their intoxicating mix of garage rock and blues. And, if it wasn’t for Oberlin College, the world may never have heard of Yeah Yeah Yeahs — singer Karen O and drummer Brian Chase met while attending the school and were both inspired by Ohio’s legendary 80s and 90s-era punk scene. Continue reading…

The Metric System

The last time Metric came to town, it was for the 94/9 Independence Jam in Oceanside. The Canadian quartet had third billing at the outdoor festival, overshadowed by big-name groups the Black Keys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But that didn’t stop them from blowing those bands away with their infectious, moody synth-pop.

Now, Metric are set to wow us again. The band is playing San Diego Indiefest on March 27th, and this time they’re at the top of the bill. Continue reading…

Review: Metric; June 7, 2009 at FM 94/9 Independence Jam; Oceanside


Despite boasting a roster that overlaps with that of Broken Social Scene, Canadian quartet Metric have spent the last decade amassing a dedicated but modestly-sized fan base. Their previous albums have garnered plenty of critical acclaim but little airplay, and their new release Fantasies made it to #76 on the Billboard Top 200 but stopped short of making the band an indie-household name. And so it was that Metric, buried beneath headlining acts The Black Keys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the FM 94/9 Independence Jam, proceeded to blow both of those bands away. Continue reading