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Live Video & Photos: April Smith and the Great Picture Show at M-Theory Records, April 25, 2011

April Smith and the Great Picture Show brought their swinging, old-timey pop to M-Theory Records on Monday. The New Jersey native and her band were surprised by the big turnout at the Mission Hills store, but they shouldn’t have been. Anybody who has heard their excellent album Songs For A Sinking Ship is most likely a fan, and hearing Smith belt those notes in a live setting was clearly an offer San Diegans couldn’t refuse.

Of course, seeing as how Smith and Co. just finished a tour opening for Fitz and the Tantrums, it’s safe to assume that Monday’s crowd wasn’t the biggest they’d ever played for. But that didn’t stop them from launching into renditions of songs like “Colors,” “Terrible Things,” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” with enough gleeful energy to fill an arena.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures — but we’re bloggers, not mathematicians, so we’ve got both for you. Check out the video for “Colors” above and the pictures of April Smith and the Great Picture Show below, which should tide you over until the next time they come to town. Continue reading…

The Month of April

Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

MP3: April Smith and the Great Picture Show – “Colors”

April Smith has some of the most powerful pipes in all of music, and she’s bringing them to San Diego. The New Jersey native and her trusty band, The Great Picture Show, have just announced that they’re stopping at M-Theory Records on April 25 for a special in-store performance.

Most artists who play the beloved Mission Hills record shop play proper shows in town later that night, but Smith and Co. are for some reason breaking with that tradition. This means that if you want to get an earful of the singer’s immense talent and charm, you’ll have to head over to M-Theory for the 7:00pm performance. And, seeing as how her album, Songs For a Sinking Ship, made our oh-so-prestigious Best of 2010 list, we’d strongly recommend you do just that.

The San Diego excursion comes near the end of April Smith and the Great Picture Show’s month-long tour, which has them supporting the fast-rising soul men (and woman) of Fitz and the Tantrums. You can see the full list of tour dates below. Continue reading…

Owl and Bear’s Best Albums of 2010

Owl and Bear writers’ favorite albums of 2010. Continue reading…

April Smith and the Great Picture Show – “Terrible Things” (Video)

Just in time for Halloween, April Smith and the Great Picture Show have released the video for “Terrible Things.” Directed by Ryan Stober, the clip stars Smith as a homicidal homemaker — whom she describes as “Judy Garland meets Sweeney Todd” — who kills people, grinds them up, and serves them to dinner guests. People with squeamish dispositions needn’t worry — thanks to Smith’s impish performance and the upbeat, swinging song, the video induces more laughs than cringes.

“Terrible Things” is just a taste of Smith and company’s terrific debut album, Songs For A Sinking Ship. They’re currently touring in support of the record, but unfortunately don’t have a San Diego date planned. They do have a 2-day gap between Austin and LA, though, so maybe they’ll fit us in. Smith nearly blew the roof off the Casbah the last time she came to town, so hopefully she won’t mind doing it again. Click here for the rest of her tour dates.

Review: Langhorne Slim with April Smith and the Great Picture Show; February 8, 2010; Casbah

I’ve never understood the significance of The Casbah’s “Anti-Monday League,” except that the bands are better than average and that it seems to draw the scene. I’ve found that it does not mean drink specials, but scenesters don’t need specials anyway when PBR tall boys are cheaper than water. Looking around, I assumed the bands would be an afterthought for this crowd and that I would be one of the only true Langhorne Slim fans — but then he came on and everyone started shouting the words! I’ve been too judgmental, scene kids. Your taste is exquisite. I’m sorry. Hold me. Continue reading