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April Smith and the Great Picture Show – “Terrible Things” (Video)

Just in time for Halloween, April Smith and the Great Picture Show have released the video for “Terrible Things.” Directed by Ryan Stober, the clip stars Smith as a homicidal homemaker — whom she describes as “Judy Garland meets Sweeney Todd” — who kills people, grinds them up, and serves them to dinner guests. People with squeamish dispositions needn’t worry — thanks to Smith’s impish performance and the upbeat, swinging song, the video induces more laughs than cringes.

“Terrible Things” is just a taste of Smith and company’s terrific debut album, Songs For A Sinking Ship. They’re currently touring in support of the record, but unfortunately don’t have a San Diego date planned. They do have a 2-day gap between Austin and LA, though, so maybe they’ll fit us in. Smith nearly blew the roof off the Casbah the last time she came to town, so hopefully she won’t mind doing it again. Click here for the rest of her tour dates.