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Iron and Wine

Live Review: Iron & Wine at Humphreys, August 11, 2014

Iron and Wine
Iron and Wine in 2006

There was romance in the air last Tuesday night at Humphreys as Iron & Wine (aka Sam Beam) serenaded the crowd underneath the brightly lit sky of the fading supermoon. As palm trees quietly creaked in the cool breeze, an eager and smitten audience soaked in as much of the beauty emanating from the stage as they could. Continue reading…

Review: The Clientele with The Wooden Birds; March 4, 2010; Casbah, San Diego

Photo credit: MySpace

The Thursday night crowd that came to see The Clientele at the Casbah was bubbling. Half of them had just come from a successful SoundDiego launch party; the other half were presumably just happy to be celebrating the unofficial start of the weekend with syrupy pop exported from England. It was a fun crowd to be a part of, and especially fun to hear the chatter peppered by the English accents of a few of The Clientele’s San Diego British expat fans. Continue reading…