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Colbert in Stereo (TV)

Stephen Colbert is a decorated (cultural) war hero and champion of truthiness, having won multiple Emmy Awards, coined a Word of the Year, and had a delicious flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream named after him. And now, the Apples in Stereo have done their part in honoring the praiseworthy Dr. Colbert (yes, it’s “Dr.” He’s been awarded an honorary doctorate from Knox College).

The creators of “a mesmerizing series of heavenly, effects-drenched, pop milkshakes” have released the song “Stephen, Stephen” and, while the good citizens of Colbert Nation think this is a fine thing, they do seem a bit chagrined.

The possibility that the song could have been named after someone or something other than Stephen sadly reminds the nation that naming things after Mr. Colbert is not yet law and, as such, is not punishable by hilarious fraternity-style water-boarding or some other form of public shaming. Continue reading