Zoo Music To Release Dum Dum Girls EP

As we mentioned last month, Grand Ole Party singer/drummer Kristen Gundred recently started a record label called Zoo Music. The first group she signed was San Diego’s Crocodiles, and Kristin urged other musicians to submit their music for consideration. Now Zoo Music has announced that LA’s melancholic pop band Dum Dum Girls have been selected, and will release a five-song EP through the label this winter.

Kristin is still accepting submissions from bands looking to join her expanding family. Send your stuff to:

Zoo Music
PO Box #632922
San Diego, CA 92163

This has been an eventful week for Gundred and company. In addition to Zoo Music effectively doubling its roster, Grand Ole Party just won Best Alternative Album at the San Diego Music Awards for their breakthrough album, the endlessly danceable Humanimals.

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