Mitchell Hurwitz Says, ‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ (TV)

Sit Down Shut Up
Particle accelerators take things like protons and electrons, pack them into a device, and then launch the particles into an unwavering collision course with one another. Though this sounds like a lot of fun (like crash-testing cars), the goal is actual results, which the observers hope are significant and not a waste of time.

Television sets, the soon-to-be-obsolete kind with cathode ray tubes, are examples of particle accelerators, and the violence within these boxes results in programming, which the viewers hope is not a waste of time, having learned long ago to not expect significant results.

Television shows are not particle accelerators, but they seem to act like them sometimes, with plots and characters smashed together for comedic or dramatic effect.

On April 19, Sit Down, Shut Up, a prime-time animated show about the challenges of being a teacher in the U.S. school system, premieres on Fox. Created by the creator of Arrested Development, Mitchell Hurwitz, the cartoon takes talent from programs like Saturday Night Live, Pushing Daisies, Mr. Show with Bob and David, West Wing, The Hogan Family, Happy Days, SpongeBob SquarePants, Cavemen, Kenan & Kel, and, of course, Arrested Development, packs it into a show, and then smashes it all together.

Sit Down, Shut Up marks Fox’s second collaboration with Hurwitz and is the potential product of a guilty network executive’s greenlit act of contrition for killing off Arrested Development.

If not significant, let’s hope the results at least aren’t a waste of time.

Check out these videos from a popular non-Fox video-sharing site. In the first one, see Jason Batemen describe Will Arnett as “surpisingly breasty”:

The second video gives you a taste of the cartoon, but craps out after about a minute and a half. Let’s hope that it’s not an omen:

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