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Film Review: This is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You

No one gets under your skin like your family can. Regardless of how much time you spend apart, old grudges have a way of boiling over as soon as you’re together. Or you may think you’ve become an infinitely wiser and more mature adult, but they still see you as the child you used to be. Your relatives also know you better than anyone, so attempts at hiding the pain you’re going through can quickly crumble when placed under the familial microscope. Continue reading…

Comic-Con 2010: Gettin’ Stabby With It

Ah, Comic-Con. This year’s inexplicably hyphenated gathering of geeks and gawkers has come to an end, leaving San Diegans feeling hungover, used, and sore in strange places. This was my first crack at the convention, and I went (almost) all in. Continue reading…

Mitchell Hurwitz Says, ‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ (TV)

Sit Down Shut Up
Particle accelerators take things like protons and electrons, pack them into a device, and then launch the particles into an unwavering collision course with one another. Though this sounds like a lot of fun (like crash-testing cars), the goal is actual results, which the observers hope are significant and not a waste of time.

Television sets, the soon-to-be-obsolete kind with cathode ray tubes, are examples of particle accelerators, and the violence within these boxes results in programming, which the viewers hope is not a waste of time, having learned long ago to not expect significant results.

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