Poetic Memory: Chris Hickey (List)

Chris Hickey - Razzmatazz

Chris Hickey has recorded with musical luminaries like Joe Henry, Michael Penn, and Indigo Girls, and he’s a former member of the bands “Uma” and “Show of Hands”. Now, he’s released Razzmatazz, his third solo effort.

One highlight of Razzmatazz (among many) is Hickey’s tribute to Jack Kerouac. He says, “I’ve only recently discovered Kerouac and I agree with Allen Ginsberg when he said that Kerouac’s work is ‘The most sincere and holy writing I know of our age.'” Hickey does the man justice with “Kerouac” (MP3).

The album was written in song-a-day fashion over the course of three weeks, and the result is “16 songs, vocal & guitar, recorded on a hand-held voice recorder…so, for better or worse, it’s sketchy, low-fi, quirky…but it might be charming or something.” It’s been listed listed as a New and Noteworthy on release on iTunes. You can purchase it here (iTunes).

We recently sat down with him to talk Poetic Memory (below). He used his own formatting when he sent us his list, and we decided that it works best that way. Enjoy!

song to the siren – this mortal coil – cover of tim buckley song makes me float // jack kerouac – tasted the bottom of bottomless matters // that was another country – innocence mission – the melody of this line – “And he was fine, and, in the first place, was around…” – pleases me more than anything i’ve ever heard. a beautiful song. // chris whitley – touring with chris whitley was great – soulful singer and guitar player, i could watch him perform night after night and it was always transcendental. // floyd mayweather – most skilled boxer in the world // joe calzaghe – first major world champion to retire undefeated since rocky marciano // in the sun – joseph arthur // oasis – one of the best live bands i’ve seen, so reserved in their delivery yet so commanding, great pop songs… // the clash – best live band ever, joe strummer // my life – the game featuring lil wayne – helps me run uphill. // charles bukowski – simple sentences, truth and humor… // bill maher // hurt – johnny cash – builds and falls like an “empire of dirt”… trent reznor song,  producer rick rubin, and mark romanek video // strawberry fields – the beatles – “no one i think is in my tree” // speaking with the angel – ron sexsmith – written for his newborn son, my favorite song by a great singer and songwriter // there she goes – the la’s – pop gem by disappearing genius, lee mavers // waterloo sunset – kinks – paul weller’s favorite song and maybe mine // that’s entertainment – the jam – saw paul weller somewhat recently in a club singing this song, still great // your mother and i – loudon wainwright III – one of my favorite singers, this divorce song is sad and beautiful // hallelujah – rufus wainwright – amazing leonard cohen song, amazing singer // howard stern // miracle legion -  looking forward to the mark mulcahy tribute record despite that no one could improve on miracle legion // chris rock // and bob dylan

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