Bass Drum of Death Bring You to Life

The band name Bass Drum of Death sort of sounds like something that Beavis and Butthead would be into (uh huh huh, Gwar rules.)

But heavy metal, BDoD are not. In fact, it would make more musical sense if the band’s name were Bass Drum of Heart. Or Bass Drum of gritty-garage-rock-that-will-melt-your-face-off. Or Bass Drum of my-stomach-just-fell-out-and-is-chilling-next-to-me-on-the-floor-in-a-coma. You get the point: See these guys play live and you will feel your internal organs wake up.

The tempo is fast, the singing is strained and muffled, the drumming is stable staccato and the lyrics are simple (“I could never be your man. I could never be your man. I could never be your man. I could never be your man.”)

Bass Drum of Death will play the Soda Bar on July 7. They only have one album, 2011’s GB City, so the show will be quick and dirty — come on by if you’re into that. (Uh huh huh, she said quick and dirty.)

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