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He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and, Gosh-(D-MN)-it, A Tiny Majority of People Like Him

Al Franken

In the end, the bespectacled buffoon Al Franken beat the John Kerry-caricature Norm Coleman by a paltry 225 votes, but, with over two months having passed since election night, the process took even longer than expected. Owl and Bear has an exclusive look into what happened.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and…Oh, Who Cares?

I am so horribly offended by I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and I hope that whatever defamation league that fights for a comedy’s right to be comedic comes out to protest this juggernaut of hackneyed material and predictability. Adam Sandler and Kevin James, the ostensible stars of this film, deliver, perhaps, their most […]