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San Diego: Win Tickets to See “Sleeping With Other People” on 9/21

Sleeping With Other People

Catch an advance screening of the sex comedy at Landmark Hillcrest

San Diego: Win Tickets to See “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

We’re giving away passes to Ben Stiller’s new film

My Bluegrass Heaven

Comedic icon Steve Martin is set to play a concert at Balboa Theater.

Video: Man Man – “Rabbit Habits”

O&B favorites and interviewees Man Man have just released the above video, a romantic and surreal homage to 1930s Universal horror films. SNL‘s Fred Armisen stars as the bumbling beau who loses his girl to a more hirsute suitor (played by Freaks And Geeks‘ Martin Starr).

He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and, Gosh-(D-MN)-it, A Tiny Majority of People Like Him

Al Franken

In the end, the bespectacled buffoon Al Franken beat the John Kerry-caricature Norm Coleman by a paltry 225 votes, but, with over two months having passed since election night, the process took even longer than expected. Owl and Bear has an exclusive look into what happened.

Don’t Forget Your Roots, Jimmy

Gearing up for his NBC late-night premiere on March 2, 2009, Jimmy Fallon plans to release a series of behind-the-scenes Web-exclusive videos, the first of which aired (interneted?) last night. We didn’t learn all that much about Jimmy or the show except that he’s excited, and perhaps humbled, to be occupying the recently vacated news studio […]