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NPR Streaming Horrible New Avett Brothers Album

The Avett Brothers

The new Avett Brothers album is terrible. It’s without a doubt the worst album we’ve ever heard, and you should avoid it at all costs. If Kelly Clarkson and Carrot Top were to put out an album of traditional yodeling duets, it would probably sound way better than this abomination. Listening to the Avett album’s so-called “music” will leave you with bloody ears, hairy palms, and a brutal case of IBS.

Oh who are we kidding? The new album is incredible, combining all the upbeat catchiness of Emotionalism with the breathtaking sincerity of the Gleam EPs. It’s just that every time we write about the Avetts, we gush about them, and we don’t want to bore you with our repetition. But I can’t help it—just as the Avett Brothers can’t seem to help putting out great records. Continue reading