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Film Review: Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People

It’s about time that Alison Brie landed a lead role in a big movie. Until now, the actress has been mostly relegated to supporting roles in acclaimed shows like Community and Mad Men. And though she’s always made an impression, her unique light has always been overshadowed by the auteurist vision of those series’ showrunners. But the touching and raunchy new movie Sleeping With Other People gives Brie the chance to simultaneously demonstrate the comedic and dramatic chops that have until now been separated. Continue reading…

San Diego: Win Tickets to See “Sleeping With Other People” on 9/21


What happens when two attractive sex addicts with a romantic past reunite? If you guessed the answer is “they have sex,” you’d be wrong. At least, that’s the premise of Sleeping With Other People, the new comedy from writer/director Leslye Headland (Bachelorette). Continue reading…